The regular meeting of the Taylorsville-Spencer County Joint Planning and Zoning commission was held December 20, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the meeting room, East Main St. Taylorsville, Ky.

Chairman Gordon Deapen called the meeting to order.

Present were Lowery Brown, Anthony Travis, Dwight Clayton, Gordon Deapen, Marsha Mudd, Paula Wheatley and Teddy Noel. Also present were Enforcement Officer Jan Kehne and Attorney Dudley Dale. Absent was Diana Faue.

Motion was made by Commissioner Travis and seconded by Commissioner Noel to approve the docket. Motion carried with none opposed.

Motion was made by Commissioner Wheatley and Seconded by Commissioner Clayton to approve the minutes of the December 6, 2018 meeting. Motion carried with none opposed.

Committee reports: None.

Attorney Dale a notary, gave oath for testimony to those wishing to speak to the commission.

Commissioner Travis, Mr. Chairman I am going to step aside.

Chairman Deapen, does this mean you are recusing yourself?

Commissioner Travis, yes sir. (Commissioner Travis left the table and sat in the audience)


New Business:

Mrs. Kehne, we have one applicant.

Veech Properties, LLC requesting B-2 General Business District to I-1, Light Industrial on Tract 13, having 2.14 acres in the Taylorsville Business Park located on Progressive Drive. The Comprehensive Plan recommended land use map indicated the area should be mixed use. When the property was originally zoned, all tracts on the right side of Progressive Drive were zoned B-1 and all tracts on the left side of the road were zoned I-1. In Summary the prospective buyer would prefer a smaller lot for his electronic repair and manufacturing business. All adjoining property owners have been notified and we have not received any phone calls regarding this zoning application.

There is no one here in opposition.

Attorney Charlie Tichenor approached the podium, stating that he is here representing Veech Properties LLC..

Attorney Tichenor, the property is what I would call B-2/B-3 zoning because it was zoned prior to the new zoning regulations in 2014. If you would look at Exhibit “B”, you will see lots 1-8 and 16 are zoned I-1. We are not asking to change the lot size or join any lots together. We are asking for Lot 13 to change to I-1, Light Industrial. The prospect buyer designs prototypes for G.E. the auto industry and other manufactures. At some point he would like to start manufacturing his components at this location. It is his desire/dream as indicated in Exhibit “C” to construct a building with adjoining office space. He builds electronic components so any manufacturing that would be performed at this site would be small components. Manufacturing would not start immediately. He does not want to purchase a piece of property if he will not have the availability to manufacture in the future. He does not need to have a large tract of land for his business. The property is surrounded by B-2 and I-1 zoning, it does back up to an agricultural tract that has natural buffering. There is a large hollow behind the property. We are just asking for the rezoning to I-1 light Industrial. Please note that this is about the only available property that is zoned for manufacturing in the county. I do think this is the type of business this county is looking for. It will not create waste water issues, it’s not going to create a great deal of traffic. The roads were built to with stand commercial traffic. The utilities are in place There are restrictions for the industrial park and they are the same for both sides of the street. In all reality no one ever thought that the right side of the street would ever be used for manufacturing. It’s not a small lot , but is falls off on the right side.

Chairman Deapen, I was going to ask if that was the original logic on how that was set up?

Attorney Tichenor,that and at that time the lots up front backed up to Village by the Lake. This lot is further back and almost back to the concrete plant which is on lot 16 and on lot 15 there is a fabrication plant. I would like to add another example of some buildings for you to take a look at. (handing out some photos) They merit the same character of the buildings currently built in the industrial park. Anything built, will have to meet the restrictions pertaining to the square footage and the exterior finish.

Chairman Deapen, so what are you presenting is the building represent these photos?

Attorney Tichenor, of this nature, like I said , it will have to meet state building code, county building code, meet the restrictions of the development.

Chairman Deapen, any other questions from the commission?

Attorney Tichenor, (looking at Commissioner Clayton) sound is not audible

I know you are looking for wording for manufacturing in B-3. Nowhere in there does it define manufacturing. Soldering circuit boards does not seem like manufacturing to me, but to the next person it might be. So we are proceeding with an abundance of caution to keep from having an issue after he invests in the property and constructs a building, starts to manufacture and then there is a problem. This property is annexed into the city, with city sewers. The whole reason we are here is that the word manufacturing is not in the B-1/B-2 zoning. This is to give the buyer some semblance of comfort.

Chairman Deapen, any further questions from the commission?

No response

Chairman Deapen, is there anyone here to speak on this zoning application?

Mrs. Kehne, no one is here

Attorney Tichenor, at this time I would like to ask the commission to amend their normal procedure and vote on this matter tonight.

Commissioner Clayton, Mr. Chairman I move to suspend our normal proceedings and take action on this matter tonight. Commissioner Noel second, all in favor, aye none opposed, motion carried to suspend normal procedure.

Chairman Deapen, We will suspend normal procedure, is there a motion to move forward?

Commissioner Mudd, I would like to make a motion to recommend to approve the zoning change for the Veech Property from B-2 General Business District to I-1 Industrial, this change would be in compliance with the Comprehensive Plan and there is no one present to speak against it. Second by Commissioner Noel, none opposed, motion carried.

Motion to adjourn, Commissioner Travis, seconded Commissioner Mudd, none opposed, motion carried.

 Approved 1/3/19