To assist our customers during COVID-19 we will allow applicants to print application forms below and email them along with all required information to:

Once we review the application we will respond and give instructions on making appropriate payment. Hope this will be of help during these difficult times.

Permit Applications and Forms:

Guide to determine what type of permit is needed. A few questions to help make that determination:

  • What type of Structure are you constructing?
  • How many Square Feet is the structure?
  • What is the use of the Structure? (ie. residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial, etc.)

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Residential & Agricultural structure over 200 square feet - Permit Application.             (if not for agricultural purposes - ie. house, garage, polebarn, remodel, etc.)

Residential & Agricultural structure under 200 square feet - Permit Application            (if not for agricultural purposes - ie. storage shed, deck, swimming pool, etc.)

Commercial & Industrial StructuresPermit Application     (Depending on the size of the structure & use. Inspections may be handled at the state level.)

Sign - Permit Application 

Agricultural Building Permit Exemption Affidavit for Agricultural Structures on 10 acres or more

Change of Occupancy - Permit Application (primarily for new occupants of existing commercial structures)

Address Request Form

Demolition - Permit Application

Zoning - Application / Checklist

Board of Adjustment - Application (Conditional Use or Variance)

Minor Plat - Application / Checklist (4-5 lots with road frontage on existing roadway)

Preliminary Plat - Application / Checklist

Final Plat - Application / Checklist  BUREAU CODE: 1391112                              

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