Regular meetings are held at the Fiscal Court Building, 28 E. Main Street, Taylorsville, on the first Monday of each month at 9:00am and third Monday of each month at 7:00pm, unless otherwise noted.

To request placement on the Agenda, contact the Deputy- Judge by 10:00am on the Tuesday before the meeting.  Packets will be made available to court members by 3:00pm on the Wednesday prior to a Monday meeting.
(502) 477-3205
Please click the link to complete an agenda cover sheet.



Moment of Silence

A.   Call to Order by the County Judge Executive

B.    Roll Call by the Fiscal Court

C.    Approval of Minutes from Prior Court Meetings

  1. January 3rd Minutes

  2. January 4th Minutes

D.   Communications from County Judge Executive and Magistrates

E.    Communications/reports from Members, Other Offices, and Committees
(Note:  This is for brief updates or announcements.  If discussion or action in the form of a motion is needed it needs to be on the agenda under New or Old business.) 

  1. Zoning, Readings & Recommendations- Julie Sweazy

  2. Tourism Commission- Stacey Koon

  3. Main Street Association- Beverly Ingram

  4. Safety Committee Report – Pharris

  5. Solid Waste Committee Report – J. Travis

  6. Veterans Committee Report – Pharris

  7. Equipment Committee Report – Cotton

  8. Telecommunications Committee – Cotton

  9. Administrative Code Committee- Corey Thomas

  10. Tourism and Economic Development Committee- Pharris

  11. Animal Shelter Committee- Esq. Pharris

  12. Building and Grounds Committee- Esq. Eldridge

  13. Parks and Recreation Committee- Esq. Stump

F.     Old Business

  1. Continuity of County Government Ord. No. 4- 2nd reading- Requires Signature

G.   New Business

  1. Administrative Code Policy Changes Discussion- Judge Discretionary Money

    Note: Administrative code is an ordinance and requires two readings.

  2. Sheriff Vehicle Repair Estimates

  3. Consideration of Litter Pickup New Hires- Jim Travis

  4. Consideration of New Farmers Market Committee- Jim Travis

  5. Emergency Management Alert System- Chris Limpp

  6. EMS New Hires-

    1. Milath Lawson PT EMT-b $14.45- replacing Matt King

    2. EMS Supervisor Promotions- Rob Renner FT $14.15hr, Remey Gnagie FT $16.24hr

  7. Road Department Equipment- Todd Burch

  8. Local Assistance and Tribal Consistency Fund

  9. December Monthly Financial Statement

  10. Invoices, Bills, and Transfers

H.    Communications from Citizens, *** 3-minute limit ***          (Note: This is for citizens to address Fiscal Court with their concerns and/or comments.  This is not a time for debate, discussion, or action on the issue they are addressing.)


I.       Adjournment

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