Regular meetings are held at the Fiscal Court Building, 28 E. Main Street, Taylorsville, on the first Monday of each month at 9:00am and third Monday of each month at 7:00pm, unless otherwise noted.

(Agendas are subject to change.)

To request placement on the Agenda, contact the Deputy-Judge by 4:00pm on the Thursday before the meeting.







Monday, July 6th, 2020



9:00 am

Fiscal Court Meeting Room
28 East Main St

Opening Prayer, Jim Travis


      A.  Call to Order by the County Judge Executive

      B.   Roll Call by the County Clerk

      C.   Approval of Minutes from Prior Court Meetings

      D.   Communications from County Judge Executive (Note: This is for the Judge Executive to make announcements, give updates and from time to time to introduce guests and may allow presentations or comments from people who are not able to stay for the entire meeting due to other obligations, especially Legislators or special guests.)

  1. Highway 44 letters
  2. Mount Eden Fire Protection District- 6.30.19 audit received and on file
  3. State Fair Board- No Pride of Counties this year


       E.   Communications from Citizens, *** 3-minute limit *** (Note: This is for citizens to address Fiscal Court with their concerns and/or comments.  This is not a time for debate, discussion or action on the issue they are addressing.  If discussion, question and answer or action on the issue is needed it should be placed on the agenda under New or Old business.)

      F.   Communications/reports from Members, Other Offices, and Committees (Note: This is for very brief updates or announcements.  If discussion or action in the form of a motion is needed it needs to be on the agenda under New or Old business.)  

1.  Zoning, readings & recommendations

2.   Director Chris Limpp:
      a) EMS resignation of Robert Winn

3.   Veterans committee report

4.   Solid Waste Committee


*Requests for items to be placed on the agenda under New or Old business should be received by 10 AM on Thursday before the Monday meeting.  


     G.   Old Business

  1. Ordinance #7 (2020ser) Walkins Glen 2nd reading
  2. Results from auditor bid
  3. Results from total patcher bid
  4. Personnel overtime
  5. Solid Waste Ordinance Update

     H.   New Business

  1. CARES Resolution
  2. Bowman Lane- Gordon McKemie
  3. Jailer vehicle transmission repair
  4. Sheriff Dodge Ram truck repair
  5. Animal Control vehicle
  6. Earthquake Insurance Quote
  7. EMS Director salary
  8. Employee payrates
  9. EMS new hire
  10. Animal Control new hire
  11. Road Department
  12. New Hire- William Webb Full-Time
  13. Nolan Contrell Full-Time
  14. Reopening the courthouse
  15. Review and approval of expenditures, purchases, invoices & transfers

    I.   Adjournment





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