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Monday, September 21, 2020

In response to the public health emergency caused by COVID-19 and the current state of emergency, Spencer County Fiscal Court is utilizing the provisions of the newly enacted
 Senate Bill 150 and hereby gives this notice that this meeting will be
conducted by live video teleconference.


Specific information on how members of the public or media organizations can access
 this meeting are available at the end of this agenda.


Opening Prayer, Jim Travis

7:00 pm


Pursuant to KRS 61.800-61.850


A.  Call to Order by the County Judge Executive

B.  Roll Call by the County Clerk

C.  Approval of Minutes from Prior Court Meetings

    1. September 9th, 2020

D.  Communications from County Judge Executive (Note: This is for the Judge Executive to make announcements, give updates and from time to time to introduce guests and may allow presentations or comments from people who are not able to stay for the entire meeting due to other obligations, especially Legislators or special guests.)

                1. Emergency radio debate

E.  Communications from Citizens, *** 3-minute limit *** (Note: This is for citizens to address Fiscal Court with their concerns and/or comments.  This is not a time for debate, discussion or action on the issue they are addressing.  If discussion, question and answer or action on the issue is needed it should be placed on the agenda under New or Old business.)       

    1. Jessica Shaw

F.  Communications/reports from Members, Other Offices, and Committees    (Note: This is for very brief updates or announcements.  If discussion or action in the form of a motion is needed it needs to be on the agenda under New or Old business.)  

    1. Zoning, readings & recommendations
    2. COVID Update
    3. Safety Committee Report – Esq. Brewer
    4. Solid Waste Committee Report – Esq. Travis
    5. Veterans Committee Report – Esq. Brewer
    6. Equipment Committee Report – Esq. Jerry Moody
    7. Telecommunications Committee – Esq. Beaverson

*Requests for items to be placed on the agenda under New or Old business should be received by 10 AM on Thursday before the Monday meeting.  

G. Old Business

                1. Interlocal agreement- City/County enforcement

H.  New Business

    1. Perfection Group
    2. Department head meetings - Esq. J. Travis
    3. Solid Waste Contract - Esq. J. Travis
    4. Surplus Equipment

                    a. Parks mowers/ maint truck

                    b. Sheriff vehicles

                    c. Sheriff copier quote

    1. Sheriff vehicle purchase - Esq. J. Moody
    2. 2021 Motor Vehicle & watercraft tax certification
    3. Waterford & Ray Jewell Park lease agreements
    4. Ordinance No. 2 - Jackson Drive adoption - second reading
    5. Review and approval of expenditures, purchases, invoices & transfers

                    a. Financial Statement

I.  Adjournment


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Monday, September 21, 2020 7:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

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