Regular meetings are held at the Fiscal Court Building, 28 E. Main Street, Taylorsville, on the first Monday of each month at 9:00am and third Monday of each month at 7:00pm, unless otherwise noted.

(Agendas are subject to change.)

To request placement on the Agenda, contact the Deputy-Judge by 4:00pm on the Thursday before the meeting.

Fiscal Court meeting room
28 East Main St, Taylorsville KY

May 20, 2019


Meeting Agenda

Opening Prayer

A.  Pledge of Allegiance to the US Flag and the Kentucky state flag

B.  Call to Order by the County Judge Executive

C.  Roll Call by the County Clerk

D.  Approval of Minutes from Prior Court Meetings

E.  Communications from Citizens ***3 minute limit***

F.  Communications from County Judge Executive
1.  list of county take home vehicles

G.  Communications/reports from Members, Other Offices, and Committees
1.  Zoning, readings and recommendations
2.  Parks & Rec committee report:
3.  Veterans Committee report
4.  Solid Waste/109 Board report
     a) 2018 Solid Waste Annual report status letter
     b) recycle center pickup list
5.  Buildings & Grounds committee report
     a) annex renovations approved by AOC
6. Animal shelter committee report
7. Telecommunications committee report
     a)  franchise for Spectrum, Jim Hodge
8.  Equipment committee:
     a) sheriff radios report
11. Ethics Commission:
     a)  letter regarding unfiled financials
     b)  commission resignations

H.  Old Business
1. ems notebook computers
2.  repairs to recycle baler
3.  Leases to review/rebid:
     a)  county farm lease
     b) Ray Jewell Park & Waterford Park

I.  New Business:
1.  Fire Board trustee appointment
2.  Quote for accounting/payroll/financial software package
3.  Budget Ordinance for FY2019-2020, first reading
4.  Treasurer appointment, per KRS 68.010
5.  Approval to pay election workers upon receipt of list from County Clerk
6. Review and approval of expenditures, purchases, invoices & transfers

J.  Adjournment






KCJEA/KMCA Joint Summer Conference
June 25-28
Marriott Griffin Gate, Lexington

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