Spencer County Board of Education
What Works!  Student Engagement – Questioning – Flexible Grouping – Ongoing Assessments
207 W. Main Street
Taylorsville, Kentucky 40071
(502) 477-3250   Fax: 477-3259

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Superintendent: Charles ‘Chuck’ Adams
Assistant Superintendent:  Chuck Abell
Board Chairperson: Jeanie Stevens

Board Members by District:
Campbranch: Ange McKinney, (502) 541-6332
Waterford:   Debbie Herndon, (502) 551-3636
Little Mount: Sandy Clevenger, (502) 477-2480
City of Taylorsville: Jeanie Stevens, (502) 836-7424
Elk Creek:  Janet Bonham, (502) 477-8064

Spencer County Elementary School
1265 Mt. Washington Road
(502) 477-6950
Principal: Dale Kleinjan
Assistant Principal: Gina McGinnis
Counselor: Amy Collins

Spencer County Middle School
1263 Mt. Washington Road
(502) 477-3260
Principal: Ed Downs
Assistant Principal: Millie Blandford and Erin Demyan 
Counselor: Darrell White
Athletic Director: Duane Hume

Spencer County High School
520 Taylorsville Road
(502) 477-3255
Principal: Curt Haun
Assistant Principal: Mary Lynn Martin & Steven Rucker
Counselor:  Darylyn Gray & Linda Goldey
Athletic Director: Mike Marksbury

Taylorsville Elementary School
206 Reasor Ave.
(502) 477-3339
Counselor:  Heidi Heiss

Spencer County Preschool
110 Reasor Avenue
(502) 477-3210
Director: Jackie Risden-Smith

Hillview Academy
404 Main Cross, POBox 249
(502) 477-1530
Principal: Bob Hafendorfer

Life Long Learning Center
406 Main Cross Street
Taylorsville Kentucky 40071
(502) 477-3265
Director: Jennifer Griffith
The learning center provides an opportunity to work on GED preparation or improve academic skills to anyone from non-reader to college graduate. English as a second language classes by appointment. Free to Everyone!