The regular meeting of the Taylorsville-Spencer County Joint Planning and Zoning Commission was held February 1, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the meeting room, East Main Street, Taylorsville, KY.

Chairman Gordon Deapen called the meeting to order.

Present were Dwight Clayton, Gordon Deapen, Diana Faue, Marsha Mudd, Teddy Noel, Anthony Travis and Gary Woods. Absent was Lowry Brown.

Also present were Administrator Julie Sweazy and Attorney Dudley Dale.

Motion was made by Commissioner Travis and seconded by Commissioner Faue to approve the docket for the meeting. Motion carried with none opposed.

There was discussion regarding the January 18, 2018 minutes. Commissioner Clayton noted that anywhere it says black it should read plat. Regarding Carl Lentz anywhere it says engineer change it to representative of Evans/Griffin, Inc. Mr. Lentz is neither a license engineer nor a surveyor. Everywhere it says 50 feet needs to be changed to 50 feet easement. Any place it says spike should read spite.

Motion was made by Commissioner Woods and seconded by Commissioner Mudd to approve the minutes of the January 18. 2018 meeting as corrected. Motion carried with none opposed.

Committees report: There were none.

Attorney Dale gave the oath of testimony to the applicant, James Patrick Sadlo.

Old Business: There was none.

New Business:

The application of James Patrick Sadlo requesting Ag-1, agricultural to R-3, residential on 0.92 acre– Tract B located 17 miles on the north side of Cooks Lane was heard. Administrator Sweazy explained that the Comprehensive Aplan recommends low density residential. This property is part of a division done in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s. It was never rezoned. Mr. Sadlo received the property from his parents that originally purchased it in 1982. It is out of compliance. R-3, residential is in the area. R-3 was requested so that a mobile home could be placed there.

J. P. “Jim” Sadlo of 1704 Yale Dr., Louisville, was present. He explained that his dad got the property from Judge O’Donnell years ago. It was never used. He would like to list the property with a realtor that lives near him.

Chairman Deapen wanted noted on record that this division was done years ago.

Commissioner Clayton asked Mr. Sadlo if he would like binding elements for the following on the property: duplex, multi-unit use, or Mobile Home Park. If a mobile home is put on property then skirting will be used.

Mr. Sadlo explained that the realtor had suggested R-3, residential. If a mobile home was placed there, you would not see it. A trailer would be the only feasible idea due to lay of the land. Water is available.

Commissioner Clayton questioned the administrator if R-3 was next to the property.

Administrator Sweazy’s reply was yes. The road there have R-3, residential on it.

Motion was made by Commissioner Woods and seconded by Commissioner Noel to vote on the application tonight and take it into consideration. Motion carried.

Motion was made by Commissioner Clayton and seconded Commissioner Mudd to recommend approve the zone change of James Patrick Sadlo based on the following findings of facts: the recommended land use is low density residential; the change would be in compliance, there was none present in opposition; it does not meet the dimensional requirements but the tract was created prior to the one acre requirement; and if a manufactured home is constructed, Mr. Sadlo has agreed to skirting. Motion carried with none opposed.

General Question or Discussion:

Charles Tichenor, attorney, was present for the developers of Goebel Crossing Section 4. He explained that his clients have no problem coming into a 50 feet easement next to the adjoining property owner. They want two restrictions on the two access points. Anyone connecting to the road has to have permission from Fiscal Court. If they don’t do a residential subdivision, then the only way to use the entrance into theadjoining property would be to go to Fiscal Court. He gave an example of the adjoining farms being developed and they divide their farms into agricultural divisions instead of residential. The use would be like another entrance for a farm. Everyone was under the impression that it would be residential next door. This will allow a bunch of houses next to a bunch of houses. His clients will do the cul-de-sac, but everything should be coming out instead of it becoming a new access. His clients want clarification. They feel the commission is dictating them to build an entrance into someone else’s property.

Chairman Deapen explained that the commission is not trying to create an unpaid access for the farmer.

Mr. Tichenor explained that they may do something different. He was not sure what will be done.

Commissioner Woods expressed that he had no problem letting Fiscal Court decide. He agreed with Commissioner Travis as to how can someone restrict the use of a county road.

Commissioner Clayton wanted time to think about the situation. If being pressured, then he felt they should do what the regulations stipulate.

Mr. Tichenor pointed out that someone could put two lots on each side of the end of the road.

Commissioner Clayton stated that it is not material that the developer has to own the property access.

Mr. Tichenor pointed out that at the last meeting the commission requested a 50 feet right-of-way to the adjoining properties.

Motion was made by Commissioner Clayton and seconded by Commissioner Travis to adjourn. Commissioners Faue, Mudd, and Woods voted no. Motion failed.

Administrator Sweazy had questions regarding another subdivision. The developer has to cut down the road four feet to get lots. They have questioned having the 30 feet right-of-way. The way the ground lays they will have to cut back four feet to construct a road. The setback needs to be half of the right-of-way.

The commission suggested that they do a revised preliminary plat.

Administrator Sweazy explained that Silo Farms developers are trying to do something different. This section of land stops in a deep ravine. She questioned how to bring it back to the commission.

Motion was made by Commissioner Travis and seconded by Commissioner Clayton to adjourn. Motion carried.



Minutes approved 3/1/18