The regular meeting of the Taylorsville-Spencer County Joint Planning and Zoning Commission was held October 19, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the meeting room, East Main Street, Taylorsville KY.

Chairman Gordon Deapen called the meeting to order.

Present were Lowry Brown, Dwight Clayton, Gordon Deapen, Diana Faue, Marsha Mudd, Teddy Noel, Anthony Travis, and Gary Woods. Also present were Enforcement officer Jan Kehne and Attorney Dudley Dale.

Motion was made by Commissioner Travis and seconded by Commissioner Noel to approve the docket for the meeting. Motion carried with none opposed.

Commissioner Clayton noted corrections for the minutes. On page 3 the 2nd paragraph from the bottom, it should read ‘Air B & B’. Regarding the road bond of Silo farms Phase II, Section 1 it should read that a bond already exist and has been paid out to the county. It should be added that the developer of this section will post a bond for this section.

Motion was made by Commissioner Clayton and seconded by Commissioner Brown to accept the minutes of the October 5, 2017 meeting as amended and corrections read. Motion carried with none opposed.

Committees report: There were none.

Attorney Dale gave the oath of testimony to those in the audience wishing to address the commission.

Old Business: There was none.

New Business:

The application of Madolyn Pinkston requesting R-1, residential to R-3, residential on 1.44 acres located Wilsonville Road Highway 3192 was heard. Enforcement officer Kehne explained that the Comprehensive Plan recommends medium density residential. The Florence’s have deeded their granddaughter this 1.44 acres for her home. Ms. Pinkston has already purchased a manufactured home to put on this property as a starter home. They filed for R-3 zoning to accommodate placement of the home.

Madolyn Pinkston and her husband were present. She explain that they currently reside at 2042 Wilsonville Road. She gave the commissioners a copy of a power point presentation of her plans. She is currently renting and living in her mother’s basement. They have purchased a 1,200 square feet single wide trailer that has siding and shingles to set for about five years when they will replace it with a home. They are trying to make the home as modern as they can.

Commissioner Travis questioned if all the property surrounding the acreage is family.

Ms. Pinkston’s reply was yes. It has trees that they want to leave for privacy. The lateral lines planned for the trailer will be left for the home that is to be built.

A commissioner asked if there isn’t a car repair close.

Ms. Pinkston’s reply was yes, it adjoins the property.

Chairman Deapen questioned if there is any other R-3, residential in the area.

Enforcement Kehne answered yes that there are two in the upper corner of the map.

Commissioner Clayton questioned a sewer system and noted page 48 dimensional requirements.

Ms. Pinkston noted that it is 1.44 acres and not on a permanent foundation.

Commissioner Clayton explained that it calls for two acres.

Enforcement officer Kehne explained that he requirement noted is for apartment units.

Chairman Deapen explained that he had a new page 48 and read the new section 4: A Dimensional Requirement.

Commissioner Clayton questioned if they bought the trailer without having a zone change.

Ms. Pinkston explained that they bought it without knowing.

Commissioner Brown questioned if the grandparents could give more acreage.

Philip Weis of 1751 Wilsonville Road was present and explained that he has lived across the street from Billy Florence’s drive for 13 years. He opposes the rezoning. He thought it would not be a trailer but a modular. Then he found out that it is a trailer. He has not seen anything. He used to be a realtor in Louisville and E-town. Trailers devalue homes that are nearby. He stressed that they could divorce or someone dies then there would/could have a trailer park. He questioned what R-3 allowed.

Commissioner Clayton questioned if he would be more comfortable with a modular.

Mr. Weis’ reply was yes he would.

Attorney Dale showed Mr. Weis a picture in the presentation packet of the Pinkston’s trailer.

Mr. Weis declared that it was a trailer. He explained that there is a difference in HUD approved. There is a HUD one on Wilsonville road that sits way back and looks nice.

Billy and Mary Lou Florence of 1760 Wilsonville Road was present. Mrs. Florence explained that they deeded the property to Madolyn. Prices are getting higher as they were in the process of getting the figures to build a home. They could decide to get out of Spencer County. She went to the neighbors and thinks that on a temporary bases this could work. She asked the Commission to give them a chance to do this.

Commissioner Clayton explained that in the zoning book it has a list of uses for R-3, residential. He questioned if they would agree to a one family dwelling.

Ms. Pinkston agreed to add skirting.

Chairman Deapen announced action would be taken on the application in two weeks or Nov. 2, 2017.

Motion was made by Commissioner Travis and seconded by Commissioner Mudd to waive the procedure and take action upon the application at this meeting. Motion carried. None opposed.

Motion was made by Commissioner Clayton and seconded by Commissioner Mudd to approve the zone change of Madolyn Pinkston from R-1, residential to R-3, residential due to the findings of fact: the Comprehensive Plan recommends medium density residential; the change would be in compliance with the comprehensive plan; and a binding element of Item 1-A of R-3, residential and skirting be added. Motion carried with none opposed.

General Questions or Discussion:

Enforcement officer Kehne gave paperwork to the commissioners and asked them to review. There will be a tower request at the next meeting. The location is on Cooper Lane.

She also gave a copy of a text amendment for Air B & B explaining BRBO uses the trade names. The words are for short term rentals.

Commissioner Woods felt that the state has a definition for bed and breakfasts, etc. He suggested talking to someone in the building department.

Enforcement officer Kehne explained that this matter is growing. There are seven Air B & B’s listed on line in the county. The commission will have further discussion.

Motion was made by Commissioner Faue and seconded by Commissioner Travis to adjourn. Motion carried.


Minutes approved 11/2/17