Taylorsville-Spencer County
Board of Adjustment
Meeting Minutes


The Taylorsville-Spencer County Board of Adjustment held a meeting on Thursday June 1, 2017 at 4:00 pm in the Planning and Zoning Office located at 28 East Main Street, Taylorsville, Ky.


Chairman Greg Murphy called the meeting to order. Present were Dean Curtsinger, Charlie Ethington, Annelle Hoene, Greg Murphy and Administrator Julie Sweazy. Members absent Doug Goodlett.


Motion was made by Dean Curtsinger, second by Charlie Ethington to approve the docket. Motion carried.


Motion was made by Dean Curtsinger, second by Annelle Hoene to approve the minutes of May 18, 2017. Motion carried.


There were no committee reports.


Administrator Sweazy administered the oath for testimony to Mr. Woods and his builder, Christopher Todd Perkins.


Unfinished Business: There was none.


New Business:


The application of Don and Sheila Woods requesting a variance on the frontyard requirement setforth in Section 204.14 of the regulations (Page 12 – 204.14.)Accessory Structure which are not any part of the main building and are separated from the main building shall be located in the rear yard or side yard so long as it does not project further into the front yard than the main structure.) for property located at 158 John Henry Rd was heard. He is requesting to build a house to the rear of an existing pole barn. There is also a single wide mobile home on the property that they will be removing from the property. She presented photo’s of the property.


Chairman Murphy stated that he had driven out there that morning.


Ms. Hoene noted that it looks more like a garage than a polebarn.


Mr. Curtsinger questioned the acreage.


Chairman Murphy pointed out that the paperwork shows 7.5 acres.


Administrator Sweazy noted that it is not in a subdivision development where it would be out of line with the other houses.


Chairman Murphy questioned if neighbors had been notified or if anyone had contacted us.


Admistrator Sweazy confirmed that notices were sent but had not heard from anyone.


Chairman Murphy commended them on the home they were proposing.


Mr. Woods explained the reason he chose that location was for the septic system. He preferred gravity flow over having to put in a pump system. His sister in law has a pump system and has had nothing but problems. He plans to have everything look good, his wife will have flowers…


Chairman Murphy felt it was going to be a good addition to the area.


Mr. Perkins noted on the plan how the concrete driveway will come up to the house garage and also to the existing one to provide good turn around and tie into together for a good layout and design.


Motion was made by Annelle Hoene to approve the variance. The granting of the variance will not adversely affect the public health, safety or welfare; will not alter the essential character of the general vicinity; will not cause a hazard or a nuisance to the public; will not allow an unreasonable circumvention of the requirements of the Zoning Regulations. Second by Dean Curtsinger. Motion carried.


There was no discussion or general questions other than Mr. Curtsinger commended everyone on the smoothness of the meetings.


Motion was made by Dean Curtsinger, Second by Charlie Ethington to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.




                                     Minutes approved 7/6/17