Taylorsville-Spencer County
Board of Adjustment
Meeting Minutes


The Taylorsville-Spencer County Board of Adjustment held a meeting on Thursday November 9, 2017 at 4:00 pm in the Planning and Zoning Office located at 28 East Main Street, Taylorsville, Ky.


Chairman Greg Murphy called the meeting to order. Present were Dean Curtsinger, Charlie Ethington, Doug Goodlett, Annelle Hoene, Greg Murphy and Administrator Julie Sweazy.


Motion was made by Dean Curtsinger, second by Charlie Ethington to approve the docket.


Motion was made by Dean Curtsinger, second by Annelle Hoene to approve the minutes of October 26, 2017 with correction on page 3 of acreage. Motion carried.


There were no committee reports.


Administrator Sweazy administered the oath for testimony to Mr. Hjermstad.


Unfinished Business: There was none.


New Business:


The application of Terrance and Linda Hjermstad requesting a variance on Article II, Section 205(1) pertaining to the location of an in ground swimming pool located at 764 Drake Ridge Road. Mr. Hjermstad was present.


Administrator Sweazy noted that the board member had been furnished with a plot drawing by the applicant as well as some ariel photographs that show the location of the proposed pool. The request is being made because the property is heavily wooded, location of septic system, its not feasible to put it in the back yard.


Mr. Hjermstad explained that his house is approximately 650 feet from the road below a hump so you can’t even see his house from the road. They only have about 30 feet of back yard and then it begins to fall off into the woods, left side of the house is wooded and the right side is wooded as well. The found the property and bought two years ago, they want to put a pool in. They thought they could put it to the side of the house but that is where the septic system is and power lines. So if they could put it to the front side of the house it wouldn’t be in their view from the porch, it will be behind the hill so you can’t see if from the road. The location of the pool will be about 450 feet from the road. In ground pool so it will not be sitting above grade, they talked to the neighbors and they had no problem with it. They all have pools too but theirs are above ground. They didn’t know they would have to have a hearing on this after looking at the ordinances, they were confused with it being agricultural land. When he came in for the permit the lady in the office said you can’t do that, our hearts sunk and they said we could do this hearing.


Chairman Murphy its not going to interfere with water lines or septic tank?

Mr. Goodlett ask about the location of the lateral lines.


Administrator Sweazy directed them to the drawing provided in the packet that indicates the location of the lateral lines.


Chairman Murphy noted the pool will be in front of them.


Mr. Hjermstad right.


Mr. Curtsinger questioned the size of the home.


Mr. Hjermstad 1300 square feet.


Mr. Curtsinger questioned if notices were sent out the neighbors, and questioned if anyone has objected.


Administrator Sweazy confirmed that notices were sent and no one has responded.


Mr. Curtsinger she made you aware on the restrictions on the pool as far as fencing…


Mr. Hjermstad was aware of it.


Mr. Goodlett ask for clarification on the location of lateral field.


Mr. Hjermstad indicated on the drawing for better understanding.


Motion was made by Dean Curtsinger to grant the variance based on the following finding of fact, that it will not adversely affect the public health, safety or welfare; will not alter the essential character of the general vicinity; will not cause a hazard or a nuisance to the public; will not allow an unreasonable circumvention of the requirements of the Zoning Regulations. Second by Annelle Hoene. Motion carried with none opposed.


General Questioned or Discussion the board set the next meeting date for November 30th at 4 pm.


Motion was made by Dean Curtsinger, second Charlie Ethington to adjourn. Motion carried.





                                     Minutes approved 11/30/17